QB3 has research facilities at UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz and UCSF. An academic director heads each campus site. QB3’s director oversees operations as a whole.

The campus directors lead QB3’s educational initiatives and foster training in quantitative biosciences. They also direct collaborative research efforts, many of which center on core scientific facilities maintained by QB3. Research in quantitative biosciences often requires large equipment such as MRI scanners, genome sequencers or supercomputers, which are too expensive for a single lab to acquire. QB3’s campus directors keep current with the needs of their faculty, purchasing major equipment and hiring staff to ensure essential facilities are available for all.

A fourth division, the Innolab, based in the QB3 director’s office, helps researchers commercialize scientific discoveries and supports the Bay Area’s commercial life-science ecosystem. The Innolab manages QB3’s industry partnerships and startup support, which guides researchers from the precommercial stage to efficient operational companies.