QB3-CLSA Accelerator

The QB3-CLSA Accelerator brings together all the benefits of BayBio membership plus QB3’s network of leading startup service providers, allowing startups to maximize their resources and lower barriers for productivity so they can focus on commercializing their discoveries.

The QB3-CLSA Accelerator helps startups achieve operational excellence while allowing them to focus on commercializing their discoveries. The program provides

  • access to the collective purchasing power of the world’s largest life science cluster
  • services tailored to startup operations
  • exclusive executive and peer networking opportunities
  • industry-academic partnerships
  • discounted conferences and events
  • and team-based coaching and advice.

To become an Accelerator member, companies must meet the criteria for acceptance:

  • Northern California-based
  • 12 or fewer employees
  • pre-commercial (no sale of product or services for purpose of establishing a business)
  • have raised less than $5 million in funding.

QB3 and CLSA are committed to helping startups reduce the time and funds needed to prove a technology, build a team, locate experts, and attract capital. Don’t miss this opportunity to build your company with the combined support and resources of this collaborative program.

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