The QB3 incubator network


The garage is the paradigm for the Silicon Valley startup—think Apple or HP. However, real garages are not suitable for biology experiments. Biotech entrepreneurs have a much harder time moving from idea to prototype, which reduces the rate of innovation.

To address this challenge, QB3 created two incubators that allow startups access to rental laboratory space close to UC faculty. These incubators, the QB3 Garage@UCSF and the QB3 Garage@Berkeley, are the biotech equivalent of garages: small spaces for entrepreneurs to lay the foundations for companies that may spearhead new industries. In 2013 we launched QB3@953, a full-service, standalone biotech incubator near the UCSF Mission Bay campus. 2014 saw the opening of StartX-QB3 Labs, the first med/tech incubator near the Stanford campus.

Space on campus at UCSF or Berkeley is only open to spin-outs from UC labs, for periods of up to two years. Off-campus incubators are open to the public with no time limits.

Tenants enjoy:

  • A density of innovators in related areas
  • Introductions to UC researchers for collaborations
  • A broad range of core facilities that QB3 and UC provide to outside users for modest fees
  • Seminars and symposia
  • Entrepreneurial networking services

See the individual incubator pages (list at left) for details and location info.