Acclaimed molecular biologist Nevan Krogan appointed director of QB3-UCSF

Nevan Krogan.board061313web.jpg_0.jpeg

UC San Francisco has tapped Nevan Krogan, PhD, to lead the UCSF site of the California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences (QB3), known as QB3-UCSF.

Krogan, a professor of cellular and molecular pharmacology and an investigator at the J. David Gladstone Institutes who came to UCSF in 2006 as a Sandler Fellow, is known for his prolific research into developing and using systems biology approaches to help understand complex biological phenomena.

In his new role, which began in July 2013, Krogan will help enable the research of UCSF investigators directly affiliated with QB3, and bring approaches and technologies from the physical and quantitative sciences and engineering within reach of the entire UCSF community. He will report to UCSF Vice Chancellor for Research Keith Yamamoto, PhD, and Regis Kelly, PhD, director of the entire QB3 consortium, while working in conjunction with faculty and trainees at QB3’s three campuses: UCSF, UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz.

“Promoting collaboration is absolutely critical in this role, and there are few scientists more collaborative than Nevan,” Yamamoto said. “In following the excellent efforts of the previous director, Brian Shoichet, Nevan has laid out an exciting and ambitious scientific agenda to develop and exploit new experimental and computational technologies to identify and understand the components of the governing circuitry, the logic systems, within and between cells.”

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